MaxFYI: Watch the sky; “Super Pink Moon” Tonight (Astro Links)


Tonight, [beginning at around 7:00pm (Eastern) (x-apple-data-detectors://3), we can all witness the rise of the biggest, brightest and best “supermoon" of the year, the “Super Pink Moon”. It will be ascending from the east. It’s called “super” because this is when the moon will be the closest to Earth in all of 2020. It should look spectacular as it rises and the sun sets, which is scheduled for 7:47pm in SWFlorida, USA . Here are sites to learn more:


Will we be able to see this on IF?

@Altaria55. MaxSez; The IF Sky is accurate to a fault. You can celestial navigate by it. I have!


Cool, thanks Max! I’ll be sure to check this out!

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Indeed I will be! I got a notification mid-flight so I thought I’d look out the window. Have to wait a little though for the moon to rotate/rise so it’s viewable for me.

I was going to take a picture of the moon tonight but of course, it’s all cloudy


Thanks Max (nice name btw 😏). Took a nice shot of the super moon today!


That looks in real life, right? I wonder if the moon appears bigger in the Infinite Flight sky tonight!

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If there’s one thing that astounds me more than aviation, it’s the outer world. Imagine that ‘thing’ in the sky being a’ whole 'nother planet. You can stare at it all you like, but the depth in your eyes, will never reach the depth of the true universe.

With the new Samsun S20e you can zoom 100x… Sorry my dad has one lol. It’s great.


Yes it’s irl

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Same. Just the thought that there’s billions of other planets out there 🤯


I’ll be flying later tonight and I hope I see it!

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MaxSez: Extremely disappointed IF left me down. Screen shots show local conditions at or near my home field, Page (KFMY) In Fort Myers, FL. METAR indicates 10+ miles vis Clear. Pink Moon Stands Out here, awesome from the ground. Pic’s show both a ground shot of the 🌝 unobstructed with Milky Way clearly visible. Launch IF Cub from Page, at 010AGL due East “ Obscured Moon” apparent overcast/haze A bummer! Top that off with a system crash which negatively effected both IF App (posted no subscription then deleted ) and deleted Community too. Bad day at Black Rock.

(Comment is 13 of 13 Bad Luck omen, OhMy!)


If you compare yesterday’s moon at the same time doesn’t it look different, or is it just me?

Let me down, but still on this terrific low light shot off my phone.

It’s lower quality than I first thought. I need an S20e.


It’s cloudy and thunderstorming here 😖😕

Maybe it is just as well that you missed the Pandemic Super Moon…hope it is many more moons away before it pays a visit again !


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