MaxFutureFacts: “The Interactive Airport”. (Animated) What’s new systems are coming to a Class “B” AP near you


Check out what’s expected to expedite your flight this decade. Cost is the issue not Technology.

G’day, Max


Interesting. Do you know which airports this is going to be featured at?

MaxSez: No…Check ABS Safegate’s Web.

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MaxSez: If animation does not load… Reload Link…

We are testing remote/virtual tower service here in Norway.
By 2022 15 airports in Norway will be controlled from the remote control facility at Bodoe airport (ENBO)

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@Andre_S. MaxSez: Bravo for the Vikings, Trend Setters, World Class! The States still lag behind, cost to modernize our 50+ year old Nav/ATC grid/Hard/Software alone is staggering, considering only the number of “B” class aerodromes operational here.
He## we can’t even agree on a location for a Test Bed Airport. Politics is our worst enemy. The virus will put us years further behind the Vinland Region. I was hoping we’d see some motion on this issue before I took that HiFlight. Whoa is me!
Warm Regards, Skoal! MaxSends

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