MaxFunFacts: These are not Grade 3 Pilot Errors on the EXP or Opp's, I Swear! (Video)


Funny? Don’t think so, just plain stupid or super Proficient.


I’m…I’m confused by the title…also this video’s relation to the #live category

shouldn’t this be in #real-world-aviation

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Hey there Max! How are you?
Very nice post you have there, I think those most of the pilots actions were actually pretty professional. But since this got nothing to do with Infinite Flight I should move this to #real-world-aviation.
Have a wonderful day and stay safe😄❤️

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Max always depends on the regulators to regulate categories. Their so wise. (I was a Regular a few times. I guess I was not into second guessing and always deferred to the Moderators. But anyway thanks all for your opinions & commentery.
@HiFlyer appreciate your attention to detail.

Info: @BennyBoy_Alpha @Infinite_Qantas


Thanks for sharing! I’ve seen this video before but I don’t think all of them are pilot error though.

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@Sashaz55… Fixed, See Revised Title… Thanks Max

Beautiful owl and quote. (I can relate myself as the annoying one…)
My favourite video is that of the landing at St Barthélemy. He should’ve done a go-around.
Thanks for sharing Max😃

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Well…you oofed me there so lmao

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