MaxFreeAvBible: "Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge"

(This Topic is published periodically as a professional knowledge base for the new kids on the block. It was last published in Nov’15. Due to the multiple and lengthy comments this edition is parsed and not bumped. It is not a duplicate in the true sense of the word.)

MaxSez: Just starting in IF or stumped by some aviation tech trivia, download this free PDF from;
“The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronutical Knowdledge” FAA-H-8083-25".

(I recommend this AvBible as the “go to” fledgling or refresher primary source document. Every Aviator or Av Enthusiast should have a copy handy in there tech library.)


Thanks Max for reposting this valuable data. As a complete 'newbie ’ I found this very useful and now whilst less green I am certainly no aviation professional but this helps greatly in my discovery of Infinite Flight and recommend to all!


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This is quite a valuable handbook for new aviators! :)

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