MaxForumSuggestion; Introduce “Topic/Comment Negative Votes!

MaxSuggests: Add a “Negative Vote” ability to Forum Topic/Comment Members Options;

MaxSez: Some Forum Topics and Comments in free form have, over time, devolved to Blog Status at an alarming rate… Most Topics and Comments presented are logical, well thought out and IF operational and administratively related and of value too all concerned.

However, the numbers of by guess and by god items, poorly researched, written or of no identifiable IF value continue to appear daily and eat Bods and require an In -ordinate amount of viewing/decision time. These items rarely meet the Flag criteria.

These inane “Face Time” Topics/Comments could easily be identified, Moderated and removed by simply giving members a thumbs down option👎🏻. Four (4) 👎🏻 signal to staff to determine if Burial of the item in an unmarked Archive grave is applicable by membership acclamation.

Just Sayin, Max


No need for negative votes… we are here to spread positivity


No as that if for IF. #meta for forum requests.

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Isn’t this the idea of flagging a topic?

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Not really. You can dislike a feature that doesn’t break any guidelines.

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Then why would you need to dislike?
I can really see this feature getting abused.

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Like reddit basically… interesting idea

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If you don’t like the idea?

Hi Max. Thanks for the idea, but this is not something we will introduce. It adds an element of negativity that can be used for malicious purpose if not controlled carefully. An example would be someone who has all their topics downvoted by the same people time after time. This could lead to bullying in various aspects.

Hope you understand!