MaxFNF/GA; The Lonely Planet! (UK-Hebrides, Shetlands & Channel Islands + Late GO; DownUnder)! A Critical Screed!

MaxSez: I waited a long time for another general aviation (GA) go on Friday Fight Fights. I pulled up the Regions UK/Aus Charts and noted multiple TFR designated GA only, WoW!

Bored with “WaitRow”and the other Former Empire Home archipelago airfield I decided to venture close in-shore! I routed an island hop in the Hebrides /Shetlands and the “French” Channel Islands.

The Shetland’s & Hebrides are off Scotland in the North Atlantic/North Sea while the Channel Islands are in the “French” Channel Just Off the Cherbourg/Normandy coast.(See ScreenShots)

I titled this Topic “The lonely Planet” for a cause!; “GA All the Way”, BUT! For a GA Event there was a notable absence of GA except for a few TBM’s in our near the UK during my 2.5 Hour go. I did see 1 ea CUB/172 working in the region though.

(1 TBM (Grade 4) on a destiination airport in the Hebrides taxing, chose not to respond to my multiple advisory request. “So much for arrogance and poor airmanship in that so-called expert community”!)

(@Balloonchaser; Appears the GA Club chose not to show their colors on this “Special” a disadvantage, I didn’t see one club member as I motor about. “You guys left the Team Down”!)

As for Services; None of the Shetland airports where active, even Stornaway the eastern terminus for the Northern Transoceanic was vacant! On the other hand 2 of the Channel Islands were active but void of traffic on the ground or in the air. “I felt sorry for the IFATC manning these bone yard posts, volunteers; “Capt. Collins at Guernsey & Pat???” at Jersey should be recognized for their dedication”.

In sum great flying day for me in a Cub, STOL takeoffs in 30+ winds in a craft that’s rated for +/-10. “It Just leaped into the air but was a temperamental bear on Landing in the Northern sub-Artic of the wind swept North Sea. I did “Slip”
her in twice successfully in crosswind +25K.

“LOL, Looking back I walked away Disappoint”! The lack of membership GA interest is appalling !! Truth be told most here can’t get a GA off the ground in wind over 005K if they do, on landing they continually prang it in any crosswind however slight. They then slink away into the night to just push a button and play Captain. Bottom Line, No question the trash haulers ruled this FNF.

Pushing buttons and letting a machine drive the train was never my thing. The day will come when the budding pilots on this sim will look back and rue the day that they had the missed opportunity to venture forth into the aerodynamics realm and chose to drive a “Bus” bypassing the very basic introductions to Flight. The sheer joy of low, slow, hands on Aviating,Nav by Eyeball or NavAid, Buzzin the Tower at uncontrolled Full Tarmacks, and doin VFR without a cop with a ticket book & a quota is what starts an aviator on the golden path to a left Commercial Seat and a 100 missions crusted Cap…

(Addendum: Late Entry; Re-launched about 2200 and went to visit my Mates Down Under! Out of Rockhampten, Queensland, Aus. met up w/“@Kurt Herric” in his Cub & flew East Down to Cape Capricorn on the Coral Sea. Approach at the Cape is overwater, over a big mound to a narrow threshold. Great Ride 1st time just had to do it again. RoundRobin’d Back to the Rock as twins… Great Fun. The Cub is a lovely Kite!)

For those interested in the darkside(GA) below find the Charts for the UK/Aus Region of today’s interest.
G’day, Max

(@MishaCamp would not blame you if you chose not to do a GA Event in the near term, nobody came to the Ball!)


Ye tbh Barra was horrible to control people requesting take off from gate 🙄. And ye tbh I only seen 1 member of IFGAC. They missed their time to shine!

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Not sure I 100% agree Max. I did a couple of flights to and from Jersey in the SR22 and 172 and both times Jersey was full of planes GA ones



Took the XCub for a ride in the Australian featured area. No ATC or any traffic whatsoever but hey at least i enjoyed my flight

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Jersey was a nightmare yesterday 😑 lots of traffic but super fun to control!


Busiest Jersey has been in a while. In IF and RL.


I noticed this as well. In fact when I hopped on the app I nearly forgot Australia was even part of the FNF due to the absence of ATC and other pilots. I didn’t fancy the winds around the UK and no airfields were open in Australia so I ended up flying around Uluru in a caravan.


MaxSez: On “Jersey” the Screen Shot tells the tail during my TOT (1630-45EST).
Pleased the “French Chanel’s” had a period of hi-Tempo GA OP’s .

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Same actually, wanted to fly in the Scottish isles but was greeted with 20kts crosswinds. Went with the land down under in the end


@Moosehead08. MaxSez: Rockhampton, Queensland was closing at 2100EST (early morn, Aus) when I opened there. Got a Departure and closed as I launched. No other big or little island open.
My Mates where hung over or Virus quarantine LOL.
Regards Moose, Max

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MaxSez: “WIND’s”. so I folded… what a sorry state of affairs. I’d be embarrassed to write such a comment. “No guts no glory” remember GA are for those that Dare…
Info: @NeperQiell

Taking off a Cub with more than 20 kts of crosswinds? Thanks but no thanks. I d like to see you try though


@NeperQiell. MaxSez: Face the Cub into the wind any speed on or off runway, Set Flaps Full. Control column in lap. Release brake, Tail up apply fwd stick till roll/immediately lifts go at Max power, Craft will come alive at 40k. Horse it up no sweat. Airflow over high wing load sufficient to compensate for speed required. Cub’s are alive at 42+.

(Landing Cross/Any wind above 8k. Slip/Crab ( ailorons/rudder , Fly the Ball not Boreshight.
Full Flaps +10 wind, Approach 3 mi, 50 K.reduce to 45 final
Threshold chop power, align for 3 Point Landing.
Let it settle p, Ground Effect does the rest. Stick in lap on main touch down, I set brake on Approach.

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I’d have to second the people who are disagreeing about the lack of traffic. Probably the most lively GA event I’ve been too near the EGJA, EGJB and EGJJ area. Easily about 50-60+ all in one area. Did a flight of 5 with a few IFATC members. Did 3 circuits of the three airports and visited another airport across from those three airports. I was mostly using the SR22, I like the challenging crosswinds but I wasn’t in the mood to eat grass in the XCub at that time.

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@Trio. MaxSez, Your lack of traffic cited by a few noted. I commented in my review that I avoided the UK main island! Seems some members are “Homing Pigeons” they roost at the familiar. Good on’em and their ilk.

IF offers the World yet the Pigeons Keep retuning at the old home places, particularly those without winds. Most can fly the approaches with their eyes closed and allow the machine to plant the mains.
These folk are the average Americans. They vacation at a beach near home or venture to Disneyland to see the old world in miniature.

Just for grins remove the TBM from the inventory and GA would be relegated to “Rotten Row”.

Based on your observation i’ll have to modify my comment to @MishaCamp; “Another GA FNF soonest pls”…

Regards, Staffee, Max

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I actually have never been, nice area! I just went where the party was, nice party.

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Certainly was a shame to see so little traffic in Aus. There was certainly a lot more european airport featured, and it’s a sad fact that the beautiful island of Australia will never see as much traffic as the powerhouse of Europe in IF.


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