MaxFlights: “The Lost Continent” Antarctica!

MaxSez: Just left the “Ice Runway” at McMurdo Sound (NZIR) heading for Teradelfugo in my trusty TBM. Visited the International Stations around the South Pole and the Ice Sea during the sojourn.

The SPole is within easy reach of two continents, Down Under or the Southern Cone in a light Trash Haulers including the C-130 or a long legged GA.

It’s winter there, Ware your Snuggies! Try it if you dare!,



Brrr Max 🥶
Little bit too cold for me, but you know what?

You won’t explore the world without taking risks, let me see if I can do a flight along the South Pole (Antarctica)
They say it’s really beautiful (and cold 🥶)


@Infinite_Qantas. MaxSez’. No problem, it like crossing a “Big Ditch” from your southern coast.
Bon Voyage , Max


I’ve flown down there from Christchurch, NZ using the C-130, beautiful scenery!


And by “beautiful scenery”, you mean “flat, gray land”, right?


Mostly, but some of the islands when you are approaching look kinda cool lol

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even though i already did 2 flights to antarctica it would be cool to see Mount Erebus (volcano in antarctica)

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Tierra Del Fuego*

(Land of Fire)

@anon57683537. MaxSez: I’m old and have difficulty spell checking cause I jot fast, rarely edit and my Pad dose not have Spell or Grammer Check: So Read the footnote and move on;

Footnote: For the literate among us: MaxSez, Spelling, punctuation, grammar correctors,& Topic switchers should review Skitts / Muphry’s law! There’s an adage that states: “If you write anything criticizing editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written.” Skitt’s is a deliberate misspelling of Murphy’s law. Similar laws have also been coined, usually in the context of online communication, under names including Umhoefer’s Rule (or Umhöfer’s Rule),Skitt’s Law,Hartman’s Law of Prescriptivist Retaliation (or The Law of Prescriptive Retaliation),The Iron Law of Nitpicking, McKean’s Law, and Bell’s First Law of USENE. Further variations state that flaws in a printed or published work will only be discovered after it is printed and not during proofreading, and flaws such as spelling, punctuation and grammar errors will only be discovered by the nitpicking viewer/sender only during rereading from the “Sent” box!

(Source: WIKI). PS: Shoe fit?h


I understand, I depend heavily on spell check myself.

Vury well


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