MaxFlights: A Cat III Delay/Runway Exit Lights Finally! A Lovely Flyin day

MaxSez: Can you believe it; Fogged in Delay (8 min) At PAXRIVER (KNHK) en-route!
Cat III non- instrument Approach to 3 at PAX, Vis on the RW 100ft, roll looked, Finally a “duel Lighted Taxiway Exit Marker” then follow the yellow brick road to the Ramp! GOOD JuJu finally.
Good show FDS Wx is Back!

This was a better than usual cross counter in a Marine C-130. Out of JB Andrews ((KADW), Fuel Stop NAS Patuxent River, Md (KNHK) (was gonna T/G but Wx stopped me) and recover at MCaf Bouge Field (The Dirt Emergency Field for MCAS Cherry Point & MCAS New River, NC.

Give this one a go fellow sojourners and look for those “Red Dot” airfields for a surprise sometime)

(Footnote: This Trip was on the EXP. COULD NOT BELIEVE 39% + 4/5’s NO FLIGHT PLN FILED. Poor example fellows & Gal’s!)


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