MaxFledlingTips; Spin, Slip, Crab & Rudder (Revised/Not a Dup)

Max Sez; SPIN; We have all experienced a Stall Warning but when’s the last time you’ve over stressed your ship to the point she rolled over into an inverted spin or spiral. Most of you will never experience this killer unless you’d done a low speed wing over in a P-38 or a Spit and it spun out or intentionally practiced SPIN RECOVERY! Spin Recovery is must know fixed wing skill/technique if you want to earn your wings. Here’s a mnemonic that if remembered in your panic as you dump it that will save your bacon! “PARE”: Your ship falls off , one wing down, spinning! “PARE”= P- Power to Idel. A- Ailerons to Neutral (Flaps Up). R- Rudder Full over in the opposite direction of the spin and held in that position. E- Elevator, Neutral. Hold these inputs until the rotation stops. Careful you need energy here, RUDDER NEUTRAL, ELEVATOR EZ PULL UP to straight and level or a clime, throttle up, stabilize, cruise… “PARE” remember and Practice Spin Recovery periodically, stay sharp, hone your skills. CRAB & SLIP: Watch those Cross Wind Landing Video’s on UTube, particularly those shoot at German Major Airports. A picture is worth a thousand words! Note the use of the Rubber & were the nose is pointed " into" the wind. Watch for the Rudder action as the mains touch down (look for the smoking tires) then and only then does the jock line it up with the RUDDER onto the center line and rolls out. Another thing to watch for is the “Go Around” following a “Misses Approach”, these Pilot always grow old cause there never bold! I’ve sat at the threshold at the Princess numerous time, Rwy 10 always has a quartering or crosswind unless its doldrums season. Nobody uses the Rudder! They muscle it down with the ailerons and usually without any Trim input. Use the Rudder, coordinate every turn, use it for minor corrections on take off and Landing, use it to Crab & Slip. Use the darn Rudder boys and girls, fly like a pro. REMEMBER; You gotta Aviate, Communicate and Navigate, Always file a Flight Plan and fly by the rules to fly with IF’s finest… (See the MaxFacts “Cross Control” for Rudder tips)


Practiced this in the sim at my flight school recently. Always an important acronym to keep ingrained in your head.

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Good ole spins. There scare as heck

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I usually move the rudder to the right, then to the left, and back to the right to simulate an uncontrolled stall.

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MaxSez: Just reduce power to induce a stall. Over you go…

I love doing spins in the Super Decathlon.


Weekly practice for me - not sure why the aircraft icon is commercial, I was in the 172


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