MaxFledlingFacts. "Inverted Flight" (Updated)

MaxSez; “Don’t try Inverted Flight In Controlled Airspace, it’s a Aerobatic Violation”!

Inverted Flight is accomplished initially by ensuring the aircraft is at a safe altitude, clear of other traffic, terrain and setup in level stable cruise conditions.

Procedure: At cruising speed, Pull Back Gently but Smartly on the yoke/stick, raise the nose of the aircraft ( pitch up) approximately 20 degrees, your now nose-high, then rolled right or left inverted. During the roll to inverted flight, it is important not to pull violently backwards or sideways on the yoke/stick (ie. a loaded roll) to ensure the nose does not get buried below the horizon. A proper entry results in an inverted nose-high attitude of approximately 15 degrees as the yoke/stick is gently, yet firmly, pushed forward to establish negative 1-G inverted flight, When inverted your control input will be reversed (up is down.) Reverse the procedure to recover!

Fly for real, strap on a GA, if you can master a Decatholon or Spit you can fly anything in the inventory! Teets up! Good Luck, fly like a Pro.

(Note: Only Peanuts Fly Trash Haulers Inverted)


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