MaxFledlingFacts: How to Land & "Cross Control" (Video)

MaxSez: This one is intended to reinforce the necessity to “Cross Control”
on those blustery days. In fact I use it all the time no matter the Wx conditions on GA & Trash Haulers;

(See MaxTips; Spin, Crab, Slip, Rudder for the next step)


I wouldn’t call it "cross controlling that can lead into bad things. It’s more like a forward slip or a crab. Definitely not cross controlling. The video is showing proper CW correction and how to do deal with it. Alieron into the wind opposite rudder to keep the nose pointed down the centerline

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@N1DG… Call it what you will! It’s just like a “Coordinated Turn” it takes two to tango. Rudder and Aeolian coordination. Max

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