MaxFledlingFact: Suggested IF Desktop

MaxSez: I use an IPadair exclusively to “Slip the surly bonds of earth and dance the skies on silver wings as sunward I clime” (High Flight)!
I utilize the following desk top and dashboard as I Sortie thru the IF World. Suggest every Fledge consider this setup in ordered to maintain continuity of purpose and a “Tight Ship”

Desk Top:

(Note: Flight Assistant. “In never leave home without it)

AIrcraft Dashboard:
(Enroute use. Aircraft instrumentation does the rest.)

Regards All, Max Sends


Where did you use the V1 or V2 speeds? Down on the bottom left.

Max, you got to try out In-Flight Instruments. GA lovers dream. Working VOR instrument.


This is what I have. Lots of handy little apps.

On internet then I use skyvector and

The bottom bar though I change during the flight depending if for example I’m flying vfr without hud or whatever reason.


Tryed it, it’s great for seat of the pants old school GA driving, Lov a six pack. Mines on the cloud, I only use it for a Decathlon aerobatics go over the Salton Sea near Palm Springs. With the ability too disengage the HUD on a good portion of the inventory it supersedes the need. I’m into automation and the future. Regards old boy, Max

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Does Infinite Passenger still working ?

Yeh… i use it all the time

MaxSez: Random Web search find. Google is your friend! Mine is an accurate user developed spreadsheet. Theirs a bunch out there pick and choose.
Regards, Max

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I don’t use/have it so I don’t know

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