MaxFledlingFact: Lets Clean up our Act; Forum Acceptable Aviation Terminology!

MaxSez: On the Forum If your gonna walk the walk let’s all talk the talk.
No matter your Grade or aviation expertise if your gonna jot on the Forum state your case with clarity and appropriate aviation terminology. Its difficult
sometime deciphering a request or interpreted a tech topic if its not clearly stated in aviation lingo. Below find an aviation term lexicon for yr perusal. Remember, One liners on the Forum are worthless. Think, research, edit then jot. You’ll be please with the resulting return comments if you state your case with clarity in “Our” Language;

(Remember; GOOGLE is yr friend, Don’t appear ignorant to your colleges here)


I totally understand your points here, but in reality i think it’s just the opposite. Most of the users in here have no clue about the appropriate aviation language and we won’t be forcing it upon them.

But, we can all adapt and learn from each other. If anyone is unsure of a term, they shouldn’t be afraid to ask.


Stand by you on this one Max, although there is not much we can do other than try as most of the people on this forum are under 15! Although people do not really know the aviation-lingo, so possibly some posts educating them on what it is could help them, and us.


The point of the forum would be to learn the terminology while here. Not from elsewhere surely?

Most of what I know is thanks to the forum in all honesty.


It’s hard and sometimes nearly impossible to search for something you know nothing about.

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But I do agree with you that if you’re not confident in what you’re saying you should refrain from commenting. Sometimes you have to say the wrong thing in order to learn though.


@schyllberg. etal… MaxSez: Good Point from a Moderators view point. Don’t believe I recommended conformity. Just an observation of reality. Don’t want to join the fly with the Eagles club and soundl like a Fledlings not a concern of mine. Just fly safe pilgrims and professionally. You’ll eventually have the “Right Stuff” If you apply yourself.
Regards All… G’day, Out…

PS: Don’t pass the link embedded in the Topic by. Cool your jets nay sayers it’s only an opinion and suggestion… Take it or leave it, you do know about suggestion and opinions. Everybody got one LOL


To be honest Max, of all the frequent IFC posters your posts are the most difficult for me to read. Half the time I don’t have a clue what you are trying to say because of your good 'ol boy colloquialism. And, for the record, I’m closer to your age than the typical young youngster found around here.


@crbascott. MaxSez: Just my style based on a lifetime of parsed military message writing. Sorry it appears at time illiterate. Take your time and pars it and watch for the segues. Regret your irritation and inconvienience. What you see old man is what your gonna get. Thanks for your opinion.


I agree, I like when people make it easy to understand and get right to the point. Then it’s much better to then understand.


Next person that has trouble understanding how a grown adult writes, is gonna regret critiquing Max. Just sayin’… I’ll leave it at that. You can have a chat with Max in a PM

Put your thinking cap on, use that brain and pick through the words to figure what is trying to be conveyed. Think outside of the box and put the pieces together.

Like Max’s title says, “Lets clean up our act”.



I guess I deleted my comments then, sorry.

MaxSez: Thank you all for your writing style comments. I’ve considered your opinions and observation but will continue the March. Take it or leave it, what you see is what you will continue to get. I don’t get embarrassed, radiate ill will toward distractor and those who are, in their mind intellectually superiors to we mear mortals who reside outside their generational box. Been there, Done that !
G’day All…


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