MaxFledgTrivia: When do I request/receive a Frequency Change (Freq Chg)

Yes. When I’m controlling I see wasaaaaaaaay too many pilots not actually changing frequency. But when Global comes out you actually can excplicity tune out of a freq.


I have no idea at what point in my statement I implied a lack of planning…

This is what I’d be referring to with your lack of planning


Exactly. Continue with my flight plan. That includes descent, deceleration and setting up for landing. It’s not lack of planning.

If you aren’t talking with ATC you’re un prepared.
Aka show a lack of planning


Okay, I think you are not understanding. Imagine I’m on a flight, say KSAN-KLAX. I tune into approach controller at LAX, and announce my intentions, which are flight following to KLAX. Controller tells to proceed on course. That’s what I do. I continue to follow my flight plan, decelerating, setting up for ILS at 25R. I don’t speak to ATC, until he hands me off to tower at LAX.
I didn’t talk to ATC, but that has nothing to do with how prepared I am.

That’s a direct contradiction

Well, apart from that interaction, I didn’t talk to ATC. I think you get the point.

But… But… But then you did talk to ATC?!

Again, I think you get the point. Don’t get off-topic.

But talking to ATC is what we ask… And you’re saying talking to ATC isn’t talking to ATC… I’m so confused

I mean that after getting cleared to proceed on course right after tuning in, and excluding the handoff to tower, I did not speak to ATC.
Clear now?

Why are you flying an instrument approach under VFR? Practicing for that big test?

Ah ok so this isn’t saying nothing now is it?

How exactly don’t you talk to ATC? You have truly lost me here. Other then your a VFR pilot flying an Instrument approach.

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I answered that on the comments above with @Insertusernamehere.

MaxSez: Enough! @nicochile2… Nico your not gonna get the last word. Do your thing. Take your druthers to another Topic this one is mine. argue someplace else


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