MaxFledglingTip: Promo to Grade 3, The 2d Step to Expert Here!

MaxSez: Your big day is here, you worked the numbers successfully and now your off to EXPERT Ghost Airspace! Like any new endeavored your confident in your flying skills but uneasy entering a new environmental with enforceable rules and a boogeyman (Ghosts) lurking in the background.

Here’s a recommended second step into the unknown; “Observe & Learn” Don’t get caught by the new or unexpected try this;

~Open the App, Select Expert Server, Aircraft of choice, (any parking spot after airport selection), then select the airport that shows the highest arrival rate with active Ground, Tower,Approach and ATIS, Departure (if available).

~Do not start or activate your aircraft system or lights on the tarmac. (If Active Airspace Challenged, Send, Stand by)

~Open the Chart and expand the airport graphic in order to observe the airspace up to 10 miles out.

~Tune in order ATIS, Ground, Tower , Approach and Departure where available in that order.

~ Listen to the rhythm, interaction, commands and guidance emanating from the action actors till you fully grasp the continuity expected (transmitting A/C symbol light up)

~Keep in mind ATIS sets the stage for all Expert Arrivals & Departures, its available on the Tarmac and at least 35 miles out.

Once you did this deed then and only then you can feel Froggy and join the Expert Pattern for you maiden flight.

Light the fire, kick the tire first one into the air gets to join the Expert “Conga Line” Yo!



I think you are one of the first to ever recommend observing before flying on expert, usually people just say “read the tutorials and you will be fine”. Nice to see it from a different perspective, great post Max.


how every person feels after reaching expert


I got to give it to you Devil Dog, your enthusiasm and passion for aviation is unique and electric! The Expert Server can be a bit scary at first for most but once you take a deep breath and actually see what’s going on for some moments before taking that first flight you’ll learn a ton from fellow pilots and controllers. Every flight there is something to learn, a chance to raise the bar another notch as a pilot and to set some new goals. Years later here we are still excited as ever ready to see new scenery, different skills and other enthusiasts yearning for that chance to defy gravity yet again.

Happy Halloween Boogey Man Max!


Not to be rude (sorry if I sound it) but it’s called a taxi way. Nice thread!

I think this is great advice for both new expert pilots, and aspiring ATC alike. observe, watch, see patterns, listen along. Don’t be afraid to try to message the ATC that is active either and let them know what you’re doing. You can ask questions along the way… they may not get answered until after the session (obviously when busy) but it’s great to discuss!

I NEVER mind if someone is on ground and tunes into tower frequency. As long as they arent moving around or doing anything dumb, I always take them for they are listening for a purpose, whether it be to see where aircraft are going, to learn, or just to listen.


Since when do you spawn directly on a taxiway?

Its actually called a parking ramp or an apron.

@Gm2kmike20. MaxSez: Not “Rude” Just wrong son;


[ tahr-mak ]SHOW IPA




a brand of bituminous binder, similar to tarmacadam, for surfacing roads, airport runways, parking areas, etc.


(lowercase) a road, airport runway, parking area, etc., paved with Tarmac, tarmacadam, or a layer of tar.
(lowercase) a layer or covering of Tarmac, tarmacadam, or tar.

Info: @Mobin_A

LOL, MaxSends


i meant that @Maxmustang I meant those words lol

Что? Для меня это все по-русски. МаксСендс


Ты что тоже русский?

@Gm2kmike20. Nyet… Google is our friend LOL …
G’day Max


Lol shame first person I would have met who spoke Russian here.

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You got me there too HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Nice thread!

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@mwe2187… MaxSez… Appreciate your comment which included the budding controller who’s often passed over in my Fledgling Facts. I’ll endeavor to keep them in mind in all future like Topics. We are after all in this thing together.
Regards, Max


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