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MaxSez: From time to time I note conflicts in interpretations of the governing regulation which rule the WW Airways, ATC procedures and Airworthiness on IF and noted on our Forum. Our membership is diverse and some our;members as fledglings, aviation enthusiast or students aviators from across the globe find it difficult to recognize that “IF utilizes modified US FAA Rules of Flight/ATC Procedure” thus confusion and/or failure to research for answers lead to rule mid-interpretation on the Forum or in the air daily. “IF Flight Rules are specifically stated by Tutorial Forum Search”. They closely follow international Aviation Standards as governed by the ”International Civil Aviation Organization” (ICAO).

Nationally all UN recognized countries are signatory to the ICAO prescriptions and comply with these international standards. Nations do publish individuals rules ICAO based. For research and Fledgling info purposes here’s a list of Agencies governing regulations which are regularly mixed and matched on the Forum which generate confusion;

  1. Specific IF ATC Rules/Guidance you must comply with; FORUM Tutorial Search
  2. US FAA,Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR, General Regs) & Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM, ATC Guidance) both available at “”. (The Genesis)
  3. EU Specific Aviation Regulations; European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) available at;, (GA) (Comparison)
  4. By non-EU Nation, General “Google” Search.

Finally; MaxSez, Before you Jot on the Forum. Don’t appear Aviation Ignorant. Research First, The “Airplane Flying Handbook”
available for free from “” is a Fledgling “Head Start” but the Forum Tutorials rule the IF Airways, not memory, intuition or the exuberance if youth.

Regards All, Max Sends


WillSez: It is Max being Max. Respect the unknown mí amigo. He has done it forever. Nobody knows, maybe no one will. Only time will tell…


MattheusShrgs: Mkay.

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Is this referring to Expert server?
coz training and casual people usually treat this as 60% game and 40% simulator (well at least most of them do)
so no one really follows anything


@Mattheus… MaxSez: PM me Pls. G’day, Max


MaxSez: @TransportForLife… The Topic Subject specifically addresses “”Fledglings” my good Sir. Never observed a Fledging Flying the Expert. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Regards, Max

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Oh right

Well half of them, will actually try to learn, the rest just mess about and then eventually come to the point “I’m bored let’s play another game”

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Sent my response. Sorry about earlier btw. It was wrong of me to say that.

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IFR, VFR and IFFR! Lol


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