MaxFledglingFacts: Weather Prediction Charts an IF Flight Planning Tool

MaxSez: The Aviation Weather Prediction Chart displayed in the Graphic Below is issued Daily by NOAA and is available on the Wed by a simple search by subject. The Chart is a valuable IF Pre -Flight Planning Tool to facilitate your flying experience as it depicts general weather conditions in the continental US. I suggest adding “Check Wx” to your preflight check list. Since IF xmits RW-METARS /TAF’s and IF Regional routinely emulates RW, knowing the weather in the Region you choose for your IF next sortie may provide a heads up! Legion Symbology & Color gradients make the PChart ez to interpret and extrapolate. The legion for the Chart is also available on the Wed.


Legion Example:

  • Blue H’s are areas of high pressure = good weather.
  • Blue triangles are warm fronts = warm weather.
  • Red L’s are low pressure areas = bad/stormy weather.
  • Red half circles are cold fronts = cooler weather.

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