MaxFledglingFacts: "Timing Your Flare" (Video-An Optical Illusion)

MaxSez: This works in IF even for speedy Trash Haulers. Try it you’ll like it.


Cool video. Can I just ask why this is in live?

Because it’s very lively.


I mean, can’t you also use it in solo? I think this should be under general.

Wow, very informative. Its almost an optical illusion that proves helpful.

Question, the 30% he references, is that IAS or throttle %?

Thanks for sharing nice tip. @THE-OP they are taking about 30% above the stall speed. For that specific configuration.


I watch AOPA Live every week! In fact there is one coming out today.(or tomarrow)

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Yea… so IAS, 30% of whatever the stall speed is?

Stall speed + 30% of that = your landing confit speed for this video?

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In IF, I time my flare with the callouts. I hear until the callouts are like 30 and then flare it

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@K3v1nxu. MaxSez: Apparently your a Bus Driver! Try a Boeing aircraft some time. “If it’s Boeing it’s Going”. Regards


Don’t get your joke here.

Airbus is the way to go. Airbus all the way lmao


@THE-OP… MaxSez: Op’s your kill me w/ laughter! Always the teck perfectionist. Lov them Gotye’s… Regards


Experience. Skill. And knowledge is how I time my flare. Put it in to ground effect and when it starts to bleed off speed start your flare and bam perfect touchdown

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Good video, worth the time. Thank you Max!

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Awesome video! Definitely helped me.

Just another tip, if you are landing on a short runway, getting down early so you can stop in time is more important than the soft touchdown haha. Learned this the hard way at Chicago Midway earlier in IF…

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Not every plane will flare at 30.

I use that as a guide. Sometimes if needed, I would flare earlier

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If you guys are cureius and where that video came from, I have the most current one here. (Posted yesterday)


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