MaxFledglingFacts: The “Very Best” Pilot Basic Skill builder in the IF inventory! (Video)

MaxSez: When you started and continued on IF and only learned push button Trash Hauling your not really a Pilot in the true sense of the word. I consider you a “Geek-Systems Operator!
Most if not all ATP’s/multi-Piston/Turbine drivers learned to “Fly” in a Hi-Winged piston powered light GA + Simulation in the modern era. Flying in the true sense requires basic aeronautical skills and a connection with an airframe which stimulates the senses initially which only they can provide.

If your now Grade 1/2/3 strap on an IF 172 or Cub and learn the system, procedures & feel of Flight in them! Then fleet up to the complex world. Learning the basics in that GA environment pays large dividend in the near term. 15+ IF Light GA hours should set you on the right path to the complex.

Grade 4/5 Trash Haulers. Go ahead try a 172/Cub on a windy day. Bet ya “Prang” it!
Pilot, nebber hoppen! LOL

Now as the Title sez What’s the very best trainer type in the IF inventory. Most say the 172 but I prefer the XCub. There both high wingers but the Cub is ez’er and more fun to fly. Try them both on a short cross country. Bet ya choose my Choose the XCub after a test hop.
Here’s a vid to prove it:

JustSayin, Down in the Dirt, MaxSends


Oh yeah! The XCub, my go to when the pro sub fades away. I learnt to do that thing and you reminded me of it.

The C172 is my favourite too, just take the time and plan you VFR down “La vallée du Rhône” or set the course for the VORs of your instrument departure and enjoy your flight.

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@Q-ENAN. MaxAsks… ICAO nearest dirt field pls. Great Vid! Crash yes, to low! Push over at 1500agl min, pls

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Oh I’m afraid we won’t find a dirt runway down there. Reliefkarte_Wallis_blank
What I got you is a VFR madness, every valley looks the same 1500ft AGL above the tops, try not to get lost. This may help you (Switzerland VFR map).
Slow climbing the Cessna until you finally get above that one mountain into the next valley gives much satisfaction. Everyone should try it once.

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@OiseauPlume… Noted. I’ll fly in a Cub tonight. Believe I know the region. What lake in NW quadrant?
Regards, Max

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North Lake is the Leman. LSGL at the top and LSGG on the far end.

The deepest lake in Europe so don’t sink…

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Noted my cyber friend. Thank you.
Warm Regards, Max

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@Q-ENAN. MaxSez, Think I found yr valley by Dead Recce.
Out of Geneva to Lausanne, Lake Mountain Valley to East (pic) looked right by Map follow valley to Bex/Valle D’Acosta (Corrada Gex). Wonderful vistas. Thanks for the tip.
Regards, Max

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