MaxFledglingFacts: The Phonetic Alphabet

MaxSez: A Phonetic (spoken) Alphabet is not taught routinely in US public schools. Police Dept’s have a unique one that differs from the one the US Military NATO & WW/IF Aviation uses. The placard below is Provided for IF Aviation Speak Professional Knowledge Gained.
I suggest you cut and paste the placard (link) and refer to it often as a memory aid if it’s new to you.

File:FAA Phonetic and Morse Chart2.svg - Wikipedia


Thanks for this but I got taught it in air cadets!


@Gm2kmike20. MaxSez: Prior to “AirCadets” back in my day we had
“Air Scouts” an adjunct to BSA. Like you I had an aviation interested early, a friendly neighbor who owned a dirt field instill my need for Air Speed and all thinks that fly. The scout program provided a “formal” introduction and stored procedure memory which I use today & throughout my active flying life. Good on you and the “Cadets”. Every youngster should have the same opportunity as you. All it takes is a desire.
Regards MaxSends


I remembers when I first learn this, someone gave me a good tip. Just go on street, and read random license plate on the car using that alphabet, so like JA12MK95 (I made that up), will be Juliet Alpha one two Mike Kilo niner five. It was a good way for me to learn it though>_^

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I sort of taught myself it until I joined air cadets but before I joined I had to think of it for ages before I could remember it

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Thanks. I’ll use this as a review because I’ve memorized the whole think like a year ago but sometimes a forgot Foxtrot

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One of my friends, (a fellow avgeek) taught me the phonetic alphabet. I’m the only person in the school that knows it (to my knowledge) and I’ve got the whole thing memorized by heart.

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