MaxFledglingFacts: The “Best” Basic Free “ Fuel Planner/Load Sheet”!(BONUS: “Coffin Corner” Grid

MaxSez: Pre-Flight Fuel Planning is a necessity if you drive a Trash Hauler even if it’s short haul. This free Basic Planner figures all the factor to include reserve in a simple select aircraft fill in the blank format. It’s the EZ lazy guy quick fix. The link includes a “Load Sheet” Generator & provides a Weight and Balance/Record
which can be saved as a Pilots Log Book addendum… Try it you’ll like it!
Max Sends

Coffin corner (also known as the aerodynamic ceiling [1] or Q corner ) is the region of flight where a fast but subsonic fixed-wing aircraft’s stall speed is near the critical Mach number, at a given gross weight and G-force loading. In this region of flight, it is very difficult to keep an airplane in stable flight (Buffeting Noted)


Really agree with this, the only issue is its lack of aircraft in its database (It has 2 787-800’s, and I mean, literally, 800’s.)
It is very useful though, and it makes everything more realistic :).
Thanks Max.

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