MaxFledglingFacts: The Basics; Visual/ Contact Approach & ATIS! (Video)

MaxSez: Rumor has it the next update will include, among other things, the reintroduction of ATIS and ATC Visual/Contact Approach Procedures (V/CAP)!

Now is the time to review the bidding. Below find a Brightbart V/CAP, How to Video.

The Automated Terminal Information System (ATIS) has a number of in depth Topics in the Tutorials. I suggest you use the Forum Search Function.
Recall them, particularly the Historical Topic “Where’s ATIS” which has multiple in App links.

Fly Safe & Smart! Regards All


A very interesting video, thanks for sharing. I definitely learned a thing or two and I wonder if the devs will add in a contact approach feature along with the visuals.


@Aviationluver. MaxSez: Just a bit of “Subliminal Suggestion” Luver, you broke the code… ezepeze transition, similar commands… Great Minds would agree.

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Another excellent Bold vid. Thanks @Maxmustang. I’m learning every day.

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