MaxFledglingFacts: The Airplane was bobbing up and down ect.

MaxSez: Look guys and girls if your going to commune on the Forum
Ya gotta walk the walk and talk the Talk, Aviation Talk that is… A bit of research of appropriate aviation terminology used here shows you have flying fire in your belly and care about your image. Examples of
Rookie speak jump of the page… this AM we heard about a flight where the aircraft bobbled up and down, it did‘t bobble it “Porpoise’d”,
“Tarmac” used was ostracized ect, but a common aviation term for the Apron. Let’s get it together, here’s your reference;

Use this reference and eventually you’ll be able to describe your flying skill verbally and your actions with your hands on the Tarmac and Pilots Lounge…


Thank you Max, very cool. It’s not really the word Tarmac that gets us going. Its more of the mainstream media and people like that using it.

@Mattheus. MaxSez… “Get you’n’s” going. Can’t compute that comment since English is the language of Aviation. I grew up on dirt rway’s which where eventually covered in Tarmac which is cheaper than concrete. I know Tarmac= “Dinosaur” terminology YAdayadaya.
G’day, Max


If you are taling about the AP issue with the A321 and B77W, I’ve only ever heard of “porpoise” in the context of a bounced landing

@xsrvmy… MaxSez: I should have been more explicit;
Porpoising also occurs in some aircraft if the sim rate is sped up (i.e. running a long flight in cruise at 4x, 8x etc.). The autopilot seems to have trouble “syncing” up with the aircraft movement. Was he running in real time or at an “accelerated” sim rate… Not a programmer so really out of my element. But have heard the term used in the Fighter Community. Porpoising / at pre-Stall/Going ballistic inn an F14.

I don’t think sim rate can be changed in IF?
If accelerated and non-acclerated game play behaves differently though it mightbe some kind of floating point round error (you can get weird stuff along the lines of 0.1+…+0.1 = 1.0000000001)

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@xsrvmy… MaxSez: Programing Greek to me, way out of my area of expertise. I’ll keep the term in my lexicon based on practical experience and foreknowledge. Works for me plus probably a similar aerodynamic effect. Regards Guru, Max

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