MaxFledglingFacts: “Solutions”! GotsYa, Approach/Landing Problem? (Note: Applys to both GA & Big Fat Fying Tubes)

MaxSez: At Grade 2/3 one must strive for proficiency. Practice including repetitive Touch and Goes pay dividends as you matriculate to the IF Gold Standard, the so called Expert Grinder, where every Failed Procedure has a critical eye waiting to pounce 👻. Below find another “ Boldmethod” lesson that keep’em flyin:

G’day Student Pilots, MaxSends

(Note: These recoveries apply to both GA & Those Big Fat flyin People moving winged Tubes so popular here, If your flight savey!)


Now this’ll come in handy!

Whenever I fly GA, I do seem to experience these kinds of things like floating and bouncing. Thank you Max for giving these solutions!

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