MaxFledglingFacts: So ya wanna be a Commercial Pilot, Low Hour Entry Jobs


I’m surprised RyanAir isn’t on that list. I deserve a peanut for this response, but I’m sorry


Is that you @Maxmustang? Looking good my man!!!


@Pilot_Dick_Dastardly. MaxSez: There was a day, 60+ years ago. Lookin at 78 next month. Keep the faith Air Dog…Regards


Meh… I’d say more like 40+ plus years ago… Age is a just a number my friend… All the best to you Sir…

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Age is just a number, but it doesn’t stop this USMC Mustang Retired bad ass from doing what he is doing, keep it up Max 🙂😉


Neg on Air America. Grand canyon airlines. I wouldn’t go there if I wanted to be alive. Mgt and mx are pretty questionable. Also, I would stay away from Mesa. Definitely a bottom feeder at a regional level and pretty much the people who flunked out of skywest and Endeavor go there and get passed. Hmm… interesting, isn’t it? Ha

Great video, but just like anything else use Google and you will find plenty on info on these companies.

Great things I’ve heard :

Boutique (they are my favorite) . Only problem is that you have a set route and all you do is that same route day in and day out, so it will get old.
Plane Sense
Surf Air

Ameriflight - if your dream is to fly for UPS they have a bridge program.

Good find Max! Don’t know yet if I want to go after a CFI, or just get into my love of aviation and take a job at one of these great airlines.

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@Erj145 MaxSez: Thanks for your real time professional insight. I’m well past my prime and haven’t been in the hands on aviation job market for a long time. I just opened the door here for diolog in the currant aviation job market and some real time insight of aviation as a career. There’s a number of 1stOffices flying majors and Captains for Reginals who nest here from time to time. Step up, a bit of Expert guidance and story time will add a bit of zest to most of the lame diologs regurgitated on this platform. G’day


Totally understand Max 😊 I too at one point was a low time pilot looking for a low time job, so I really messaged people in aviation forums to make sure I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. Ha. Most places are a hit or miss . Bad mx and ops telling or or forcing you to do illegal things. Hence why how I came with top low time companies vs the ones I would never go to. Again, plenty of info on each one of the mentioned places on aviation forms.

I would still tell people or perspective pilots to get their cfi , but once you get it I would be looking for jobs like this. As a cfi you will see minimal experience in actual instrument conditions, icing , thunderstorms, and proper crm. Companies like these will definitely prepare you to the next level.

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