MaxFledglingFacts: Route Planning Made EZY w/Shelton's “Suggested Routes”

MaxSez: (This Topic is aimed at Grade 1 & 2)
Global Route Planning is complex if your just starting out. Trip Planning is a multi-step process and can be frustrating. Whether you short cut it waypoint/fix by fix or use a complex program the anticipated solution may not provide the desired result. If you miss a step or failed to consider fuel burn impacted by winds aloft en-route your toast for example. Accordingly, at times I choose to take the no brained route and utilize a pre-program Flight Plan. One from a trusted proven source that I have full confidence in like the Titled “Suggested Routes”. Using this process all the work is done for you to include fuel burn. Just read the preamble, cut & paste. Then the only thing left to do is kick the tire, light the fire and if your first in the air your the leader.
Accordingly; I recently found Mr. Sheltons ever changing “Suggested Routes” Topic by Forum Archive Search. I recommend it to you. It contains complete WW Flight Plans to include burn, broken down by exceptional Short/Med/Long Hauls sitting there waiting for the taking. (Cut/Paste). I just flew his Australian Great Barrier Reef Route. NE Queensland, Brisbane (YBBU) to Hamilton Island (YBHM) up the NE shore of the Coral Sea, spectacular 1.5 Hours in a Van or the suggested craft. This route is a keeper, I intend to use this Planner a lot, I look forward to number 2 “Suggested Routes” in this professionally presented series.

(If Your a WWIi Buff, Note “Bougainville Is”, East of Cooktown in the Coral Sea

Footnote: Link; (Suggested Routes // ARCHIVE)
(C-208 Fuel Req. (


Is this the topic you mean? Suggested Routes // ARCHIVE

Probably would be good to link to it! 🙂

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@epaga… MaxSez: Thanks my friend for the correction, I’m loosing it. That’s 2 infield errors this week. Gotta stop drinking…Regards


I can attest to Mr. Shelton’s routes as well. Just wrapped up this gem a few minutes ago in the 208. I lucked out and caught the sunrise while crossing into Montana. Credits to @Tyler_Shelton and @DeerCrusher for the majestic route ;)

Spokane International Airport (KGEG) to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (KBZN)
Departure Location: Spokane International Airport (KGEG)
Destination: Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (KBZN)

Distance: 287NM
Flight Time: 1hr 4min

Suggested Aircraft and Livery: FedEx Cessna Caravan 208
Altitude: 13,000ft

Speed: 150 knots



Pretty sure you can thank @DeerCrusher for that one.


Honestly, I’ve done so many routes with the 208 I have lost track of the ones I submitted. But this one does look familiar. For the most part, if its a Fedex 208 theres a high chance I suggested it. Like Chris said, the 208 is a gem.


@DeerCrusher. MaxSez: As noted in the Topic I utilized the GBR Route from Mr. Sheltons Topic. Credit went to the author, If you where the route originator thank you for constructing it for inclusion, it’s a perfect Van Flight in a region I’m interested in. If you’ve published formatted complete Routes on the Forum I’d be interested in Topic Titles so I can hijack your work, particularly Van Routes. Now planning a 1940’s Ferry Route with a Van,Ny FIR to Preswick via the Lands. You Do Good Work

(I’m currantly flying the WWII Pacific Theater. I flew to most of the Central & South Pacific Marine campaign islands by 130 with a survey party to determine relocation sights for Marine Units on Okinawa should they be relocated due to the politics in the region back in the day. The GBR trip gave me a chance to survey Bougainville and put a check in the box, Fortuitus routing, thanks again)

Shoot him a PM instead of clogging up this otherwise great post. Thanks

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