MaxFledglingFacts + Repeat Procedure Errors: PAPI Sez: “Red & White Pilot's Delight; “Red over Red” Pilots Dead! ( A memory Aid)

MaxSez: I post this Topic having noted the PAPI, which is used on IF Runways exclusively is rarely mentioned in a majority of “Approach & Landing” technique threads this week. Understanding & Using the PAPI on Final which is a primarily visual aid even in IMC is a must! The slogan/nemonic in the Topic is worth remembering and the video link below sez it all.

Additionally, to much emphasis was placed on the use of the Rudder alone for Final Alignment in all conditions during takeoff and landing this month. Alignment on the centerline is Acquired by the use of both the “Rudder & Ailerons”. Rudder use corrects lateral movement alone and does not correct for wind effects particular cross & quartering winds. Ailerons deflected down in the direction of prevailing wind, cross or quartering coupled with Rudder deflections insures a “coordinated” Flight Path on both Landing and take off, Practice alignment coordination particularly for Slips & Crab alignment corrections.

Finally, a Touch Down is a 2 Step Procedure, it is not a “FLARE” only. Touch Downs require a “Round Out” then “Flare”. (ROUND OUT= Wings Level (De-Crab/Slip), a Flare then allows Rear Wheel/Doggie Touch Down First in a tricycle gear aircraft & Mains for a tail dragged.

(The Video Below discusses the Precision Approach Path Indicator(PAPI) which is a visual aid that provides guidance information to help a pilot acquire and maintain the correct approach (in the vertical plane) to an airport. It’s generally located on the left-hand side of IF runways at approximately 300 meters beyond the landing threshold.)

Practice makes Perfect, Regards All, MaxSends


People could definitely use this. Watching people come over the runway threshold at 1000 feet and land with 500 feet to spare is funny until your on the other end of the runway, trying to land professionally

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@N2628P… MaxSez: Great observation. What else is new! No matter what the new violation/grade requirement, now in development holds, the “Cry Havoc” situation on both unattended servers at all airfields will remain unchanged. What we have here is a failure to communicate and tough love enforcement that will continue to fail the simulator buff.
People will not respond to a big stick approach that only satisfys one entity.


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