MaxFledglingFacts; "Red Runways" Defined!

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MazSez: Let’s clarify a critical point once and for all; “RED RUNWAY END MARKERS ARE NOT CLOSED RUNWAY MARKERS”!!! Red/Green runway lighted end of runway/threshold lighted delimiters where introduced in IF back in the day, prior to live! At that time, pre-ATC, Red runways Light Bars indicated “Closure”. This action was initiated to control the traffic flow only and facilitate downwind evolutions for Fledglings. With the introduction of Live/ATC the Red Bar Closure initiative for Flow control was discontinued. Red runways now at almost all IF Airfield merely indicate the red end marker is upwind to some degree (Up Wind=Tail/Cross wind to some degree.). As for useage at controlled field ATC will determine the severity and direction of prevailing wind and can route traffic to a Red Runway (Active) at their pleasure. At uncontrolled airports it’s a Pilots choice to use the Red Runway if it does not counter the prevailing traffic flow or wind/direction is below airframe aerodynamic capability. (All aircraft airframe are calibrated during airworthiness certification. Wind/Crosswind tolerances are published for each aircrafts by types in a Pilots Operation Handbook (POH), Quick Reference Guide (QRF) or Air Worthy document etc). Since aircraft certification documentation are not readily available to members to determine aircraft wind tolerance the IFATC rule of 10 applies. Winds 10 Kts and under in any direction, your good to go,., Exception, your good to go as long as you follow the flow where there is traffic in the pattern, at the threshold or a landing/take off evolution on the runway of choice is progressing. (The Rule of 10 and runway selections noted apply on all servers).
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Isn’t it aviate, navigate, communicate?


I guess @Maxmustang is referring to the situation when no ATC’s active :)


MaxSez: whatever works for you!


Also, just because both runways are green does not mean they are both favorable for a takeoff, unless there is no wind. The runways show green when there is less that 5kts of wind. However, especially in GA aircraft, a 4kt crosswind/ tailwind can be quite impactful.

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@Dhops MaxSez: your spot on with Green & Green, the flow will be determine by which end is the active by prevailing wind direction. Have to disagree with you on “However, especially in GA aircraft, a 4kt crosswind/ tailwind can be quite impactful.” Lotsa factors apply on this definitive statement. I think the statement is an over reach, it may apply to Fledglings and weekend Sports Pilots! GA documented wind tolerances are a matter listed in there Pilots Handbook or air worthy documentation. The winds impact is negligible in the hand of a skilled aviator if it’s within the airframes documented tolerance.


Yup, I’m sure that most pilots here would have no problem with a 4kt wind. My point is that even if there are too green runways, it is still important to check the metar so you don’t get surprised by a crosswind.

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Actually this is a direct duplicate because in the “similar” topic 2016 “red runways” were defined:

My view:

@Maxmustang let’s avoid making duplicate topics.

@Captainphillips…MaxSez: well my friiend from Jersey this kid from Philley sez your so called duplicate 1st citation is a “Closed Topic” therefore fair game! Further I don’t agree with the removal of the end of runway color light system. The Red/Green indicator lighted bar is an ICAO required runway marker. Pls check out my Runway Marking/ Lighting Video in my Fledgling Facts series.
Care to discuss it meet me on PM tomorrow.

I don’t know what you just said, but just because a moderator closes a topic doesn’t nesscarily mean we need to rush to open a new topic somewhere else covering the exact same thing.

There is no need to regurgitate content and package it as something else or something different.

@Shawn_Coleman… MaxSez: Every one is entitled to an opinion be it right or wrong! There is no reason to get your nickers in a twist. Good nite again…


That one is even unlisted. Give it a break and stop this pointless argumentation. Discussing whether it’s a duplicate or not for all eternity won’t help anyone.

If you think it is, flag it and let the mods deal with it. No need for you to start arguing.


Anytime someone responds to something on the Community we gotta stop calling it an argument. The assumption is that I didn’t already flag it. It’s ok to have an exchange of ideas even if the ideas differ.

I don’t think this rises to the level of an argument as of yet. With all do respect of course.

You were arguing whether it was a duplicate or not, which makes it an argument. Plain & simple.



Lol I just searched it and it came up.

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As a regular you could do a better job of explaining what a unlisted topic even means if I’m able to find it besides trying to argue me down about whether or not I’m arguing. Which is hypocritical.

@Shawn_Coleman @schyllberg @Kevin. Let’s end this back and forth shall we.
It serves no useful purpose and draws negative attention by the Fledgling who we are here to educate and where the primary addressees to this Topic.
I’m going to bed it’s late here in SWF. Nite all, Regards all, Max ( The oldest man on the Forum, LOL)


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