MaxFledglingFacts: Off the Glide Sloop; Pitch or Power?

MaxSez: Ref the Title; Professional Knowledge Gained:


Do you mean Read?

Wow, this is really helpful and beneficial. Nice Topic.

@anon7075715. @anon7075715… Thanks for the Responce.
Communication inelectronic form is always constructed keeping Brevity in mind. saves money, less character rate and a military requirement.(ask your English Teacher) “ Ref” means; Reference the subject/Title in this case. Regards, Keen mind youngster, good catch …


Cool! I thought Ref was a spelling error because my English teacher never taught me that.

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That’s how I learnt, pitch controls the speed, and the power for glideslope


@anon7075715. MaxSez. Careful how you address this gem to yr Teacher. Ref is a bit of trivia which I picked up wrighting messages. It like an acronym like RW, Real World… Your teacher at your level is teaching correct English Structure and probably composition. LOL. Regards, Big Guy

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I’m going to make a tutorial on the C172 Skyhawk for lots of manurevers and things and this will be a key point. :D


Stick around for a while and you learn to interpret what I like to call @Maxmustang’s “MaxWordz” into plain English. It’s an interesting vocabulary and I rather enjoy it.


NichSez: @anon7075715 you ought to stick around for a bit and learn to interpret what I like to call @Maxmustangs MaxWordz: into plain En. It’s an interestin’ vocabulary and I enjoy it immensely; G’day! How’d I do lol…


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