MaxFledglingFacts: NEVER be afraid to say "UNABLE”!

MaxSez: In discussion with the Tower Boss of KRSW (SWF International) , in out cup, last nite, we LOL telling stories about the use & abuse of the Term “UNABLE. We Eventually agreed the term, although abused from time to time, is a Safety of Flight issue and should always remain in the Airmans lexicon.

According, I’m duty bound to repeat to you our Mantra; UNABLE is a ” Magic word”. Tell “Them”
Like it is, after all the PIC is the “Decision Maker”

(Comm Menu requires type e.g. unstable, terrain ect)
(Note: I can hear the wagons circling now, Bring it! Lighting🔥Arrow now… LOL)


I totally agree max! It’s sad that a few bad eggs have turned this command into an almost guaranteed ghost for all


@Jack5101… MaxSez: If Pilots Use “Unable” appropriately and get “Ghosted”! I suggest they NOT contact the Controller, (Their bias and defensive when challenged) . Send a fully Documented Appel to @reports & @Joe the ATC Mod. Justice will be served rapidly without the bureaucratic hassle.
MaxSends 🔥Arrow…


@Maxmustang for me it is better to contact the controller. That’s because @ reports & @ joe may not know exactly the situation, While the controller who ghosted you may have a consistent reason according to your actions on the frecuency. Nonetheless, obviously, if you do not feel comfortable with the controller’s answer or you do not feel that adapts to the situation, you may contact @ reports for moderating and resolving the issue.

BTW, the only way to say unable is on approach, and the only controllers allowed to open on radar frequencies are IFATC Officers and IFATC Supervisor who have demonstrated their skills and have completed another additional hard training!

All have a nice journey!

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@BinaryChess. MaxSez: 🔥Arrow Wagoneer! Your loyalty to the Cult is commendable. Thank you for yr bias comment. It’s Filed in my 🔥arrow locker under “”No Action Required”.
G’day Max


No problem! Just trying to help my fellow community members! Have a nice Max

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Good reminder Max! I’ve had instances where pilots have said unable and with the limited command set we have in Infinite Flight it is sometimes hard to discern their intention in sending an unable. It’s good though since it makes the controller double back and verifies that everything is okay with the traffic. If pilots ever feel their aircraft is in danger, feel free to send and we will double-check. Sadly though it is abused some times by bad pilots who just don’t understand the true purpose of it. While approach controllers do go through additional training, we aren’t invulnerable to make mistakes. If you notice a safety issue with the command, unable it. ATC should assume good faith and will double-check to make sure your surroundings are okay, if ATC repeats the command, it may be a good idea to follow it then message them later, but if ATC gives you a somewhat different command, good job, you use unable correctly. Unable is one of the commands that highlights how complex the relationship between pilot and controller is in Infinite Flight, and how our limited command set forces us to adapt. Food for thought.


@Aceorbit. MaxSez: “No” 🔥Arrow for you. Astute observations…
The only thing missing is an example Approach Comm Menu sub-set fix that has rationales for its use eg: Unstable, Mechanical, Stupid ect.
Warm Regards, Max

(Noted: “our limited command set forces us to adapt. Food for thought”
My 2005/7/9 ect Pilot Comm Menu enhancements Topics Refer.)

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