MaxFledglingFacts: “Let there be Light”: When to activate Marker Lights Graphic ** (Revised/Non-Dup)

MaxSez: Here’s a handy dandy guide on when to activate aircraft external aircraft Markers and Strobes. (Note: FYI the FAA recommends utilizing Landing Lights ON in a not to interfear bases in flight as an additional safety measure.)

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I wonder why the FAA recommends aircraft turn their strobes on during taxi?
Pilots of commercial airliners turn their landing and strobes off usually as soon as they exit an active runway.

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Saw that same picture somewhere don’t remember where! Great guide for new peeps!

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If an aircraft does not have a red rotating/flashing beacon, the strobes are to be used for taxi. The XCub, TBM and other aircraft that don’t have that flashing red light, you can use your strobes for taxi.

When I did my Multi Engine training in the Diamond DA42 Twinstar, we didn’t have a red beacon. So, we used our strobes as our signal to others that our engines were running that that we’re “active”.


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