MaxFledglingFacts: IF & the Auto/Rudder Brake/Anti-Skid Systems! (IF Wizardry at work)

MaxSez: As a matter of general interest; all IF aircraft have quasi auto brake /anti-skid installed. On Approach set the brake on. In the on position the auto braking/anti-skid system will activate at touch down automatically. Braking may be augmented by activating the reverse thrusters at any speed on touch down. Reverse thrusters will automatically disengage at about 40 mph. Disengage brake button at thruster disengagement, at taxi speed, below 35 mph. Utilize the rudder brake system to taxi. Try it you’ll like it!

(Rudder Brake System; To engage rudder brake utilizing the rudder brake system, pull downward on the Rudder Slider)


It’s nice to know

Thank you

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Well said Max. I use IF on the iPhone 6 and I always seem to have trouble with the rudder braking. It is nice to have when I can get it to work.

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@Flightfan84. MaxSez: Switch to a IPad Air Flight, even a used one will enhance the IF experience exponentially. imagine Global on a giant screen as compared to a Phone. Regards, Max


It’s certainly in the back of my mind, but unfortunately at the back of my budget list. Flight training and all, you know how that goes.

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