MaxFledglingFacts: FYI CRJ-700 Flight Paramitor Web Extracts

FYI, Here is the most recent flight parameters for the 700 published in the Public Domaine (Web).
If you want the official manufacturers Pilots Operation Handbook for the 700,it’s available at cost after a un-demanding Google search.

Two Extracts…BOMBARDIER CRJ-700 POH from the Web;

  1. Bombardier CRJ700 Aircraft, Reference V 1 Takeoff Decision Speed, dry runway 50,000 lbs, (flaps 8) 144 KIAS 50,000 lbs, (flaps 20) 134 KIAS V R Rotation Speed, dry runway 50,000 lbs, (flaps 8) 144 KIAS 50,000 lbs, (flaps 20) 135 KIAS BOMBARDIER CRJ700 V 2 Minimum Climb Speed 50,000 lbs, (flaps 8) 154 KIAS 50,000 lbs, (flaps 20) 143 KIAS V REF Landing Approach Speed, gear down 59,000 lbs (flaps 45) 125 KIAS 61,000 lbs (flaps 45) 128 KIAS 73,000 lbs (flaps 45) 141 KIAS 77,000 lbs (flaps 45) 145 KIAS V MO Max Operating Speed 335 KIAS M MO Max Operating Speed Mach.85 Mach V A Turbulent Air Penetration Speed 280 KIAS/.85 Mach V LO Max Gear Operation Speed 220 KIAS/.41 Mach V LE Max Gear Extension Speed 220 KIAS/.41 Mach V FE Max Flap Speeds 1 degree 230 KIAS 8 degrees 230 KIAS 20 degrees 230 KIAS 30 degrees 185 KIAS 45 degrees 170 KIAS Max Gross Weight 75,250lbd (

  2. Bombardier CRJ700 Aircraft, Reference

T/O Flaps 7. VR 124KIAS @ 55,000lbs, 135KIAS @ 62,000lbs
Landing, Step Down, Final Flaps 45, 125KIAS @ 55,000lbs. 135KIAS @ 62,000lbs. (Wiki)

Suggest adjustments/extrapolate based on runway conditions & Wx.

Always Check yr Wt/Bal during pre-Flt & Approach. Google is yr friend.


Thanks Max! I’m definitely gonna use this one.


Love these facts Max! That’s some very interesting information you have shared with us.

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And that’s a bookmark from me! Good info Max! 😉

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Thanks for the info, the more recently added aircraft seem to correspond nicely with the real aircraft manuals.

Also, it’s nice to see you back here full time.

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