MaxFledglingFacts: Calibrate calibrate calibrate-Trim trim, trim!

MaxSez: An extremely relevant and essential pre-flight & inflight procedure for IF aircraft is “Calibration”. The Calibration Button is located in the fuel modular and is Available even if the Parking Brake is off… Alway calibrate on the ground prior to Taxi and in the air particular if you lose the AutoPilot. Put it in your personal Check List. IF Flight Physics don’t like a miss calibrated aircraft.
“Trim” is another factor to be considered. Trim equalizes wing loading and relieves stress on appendages. It relieves Control Column back pressure and enhances the ability to fly with wings and nose level in cruise even on IF etc, a Color Band in the Tab indicates Trim Status. Trim calibrates +/- on the nose/wings and is adjusted by your input. A Trimmed IF aircraft will always show a “bull’s-eye” ( -V-) and Vector (floating wing/0) aligned with the Artificial Horizon line in the HUD or Flight Director.
Always “Fly the Ball” it compensate for Drift caused by crosswinds etc.
G’day, MaxSends

(The Loss rate of aircraft where crew fail to set or overlook setting correct Flaps for launch & Recovery is astounding. Pilots w/Tickets, Engage Brain Before you engage your Safety harness/belt! Pls.)


Thanks for the reminder Max!

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