MaxFledglingFacts: Basic Approach Charts (Plate's), Revised

MaxSez: You hear Approach Charts (Plates) utilization by some members discussed here from time to time. As you matriculate you’ll venture into air navigation and the “Tools of the Trade”; Charts, fixed Standard Procedures like STARS (eg: “Standard Arrivals”), Decision Points, Missed Approach Fixes, and a whole lot more professional knowledge you’ll have to absorb/gain and put into practice when you eventually venture forth to the expert.

Below find a Video introduction to “Plates” which you can utilize early in your learning cycle. Try utilizing Approach/Departure Charts (Plates) as you practice at that remote uncontrolled Airfield. Use the Plate procedure data for arrival and departure in your next flight plan. Arrival/Deparure Plates are available free on the Web (Safari Search: eg: “Approach or Departure Plates KDCA”.)

(Source: UTube: Basic Approach Plates)

Regards All, Max Sends
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this will definitely help others

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Great! Just what I needed. I get confused from all the navigational aids and SID’s.

Thanks Max! Warm regards :)


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