MaxFledglingFacts: An example; IF Start Page & Dash Board set up~~~

MaxSez: Information is power! Here’s screen shots of my setup; Dashboard for the long haul if you use the HUD & Start Up Page for Planning/OP’s. They are organize and have a logical progression. Try the layout you’ll learn to like it!

(Tap The. photo’s to expand)
Regards, Max

(Note; Dash; Plane Location, Chg to “Flight Time)


Your dashboard consists of way more stuff than mine does, I only have IF, IFC, IF-A, IF-O and FR24 lol

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Great setup Max! I’d recommend pumping up the graphics in IF to get the instruments looking clear, if you can.


@Aero… MaxSez… Poor you! This Dashboard help in a Scan and will keep the Low Fuel buggeyman from biting. The Home Page has what I need to zoom with the Eagles in any IF airframe,
when the HUD and not eyeballs lead the way. EYE BALLS & Hand On during Launch and Recovery. The AP is for cruise…


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