MaxFledglingFacts: 9 Reasons to “Go Around”!

MaxSez: A vast majority of aviation accidents accrue during the Landing Sequence; Failure to set Approach/Threshold Speed correctly,
Instability, the failure to use both the Rudder & Ailerons to align with the centerline, particularly when using a crab or slip procedure due to environmental conditions, Overconfidence that you can pull it off ect.

In most cases your seconds from disaster on Approach. Your at a Decision Point when you have “Runway in Sight”! GO or No Go? As the PIC you must choose in seconds if your in the grove on the ILS Beam, Instruments or Eyeball. When do I “No Go?, Set TOGA on the Throttle, Wheels/Flaps Action, Buster and “Go Around”, Following the Chart/Plate Procedure or Straight Out clearing the pattern for a re-entry with a Tower “Going Around” voice msg.

At some point as you matriculate or when you have a few Flt Hours your gonna face the “GO-NO GO” Dilemma. “You must Practice “Go Around” every time you do Touch and Go’s until it’s burned into your rote memory! Fly like your life depends on it, your Airmanship Skills will benefit immensely!

As Professional Knowledge Gained, Below find a Brightbart primmer that based on Pilot input, highlighting 9 scenarios you’ll face at some point as you advance. Recall them when yr at an Approach Decision Point in Practice;

(These Link Recommendations apply to all Aircraft in the IF Inventory.)

Regards & Fly Smart, MaxSends


Bookmarked, thanks again, Max!😃🍻


Some really important reasons in there, with many well applicable to the larger jet planes to.

Having a good mindset towards go-around can help you extremely and a go-around is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather a right and very important decision when things don’t go as they should.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @Maxmustang!


Every time I see a post from Max, I immediate rush to click on it. I always find some of the most informative things. Thanks Max


Would this be a Go-Around topic without the song?


Well the @Swiss remix is also pretty good. But I mean, sure?


Aww man! I was hoping for a quiz. Great topic as always!


Noted. @Sashaz55. Who’d a thunk it! Next Facts I’ll add a quiz. I’ll call it “Sashaz’s-Quiz”.
Regards, Max


I remember seeing Capt Vincent (one of the commercial pilot vloggers) say that to land one of 'em big birds the pilot must always be “go-around minded”, the way he put it. That saying helped me determine a lot of go arounds in IF when things aren’t looking good for myself or when traffic on approach gets dodgy… even got a “Thank you” from ATC at one near-incident just seconds from the cone, made my day!


That’s exactly what it’s about. Always be ready and willing for a G/A, to keep safe. Great to hear of your positive experiences!


BUMPED for my Mates under the Southern Cross!


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Very very true when in doubt go around

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Nice link. I don’t think 2 is a thing in IF, and 6 doesn’t apply for anything but tight patterns. Don’t even get me started about 1… (people having their nose over the hold short line lol)

Another reason not applicable in IF: you cannot see the runway at 200ft.

I was doing pattern work the other day in a C172, had to go around once because of a pretty bad bounce.

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