MaxFledglingFact: Unicom: "Request/Send Traffic Advisory" What's it?

Generally, Without ATIS the only way to identify an active runway planning or en-route is by eyeballing the cockpit radar repeater and determining the pattern, guessing by Rway color code in chart or observing the traffic flow. If your heading for a non-Controlled field the best bet for an Active Rway heads-sup is to use the “Request Traffic Advisory” menu item on the Unicom menu card in bound. Here how it works and your responsibility; inbound to an aerodrome in uncontrolled airspace always request a Traffic Advisory 20 +/- miles out or just as your enter the outer ring. Any Aircraft on the ground or departing the en-route field “Should” respond by transmitting the actives Rway in use number (cardinal heading) of the appropriate active. Advisories are a curtesy and good airmanship, practice it. If your on the ground/departing/recovering and hear a Request Advisory call for your location and don’t respond a Pox on you! (1 response will do) Max Sends


This was needed. I’ve called for adviserys and nobody listens. It’s there for s reason

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Max, do you mean ATIS or is ADIS something else?

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ADIS? You’re stupid, that’s ADIS.

Then what is “ADIS” 🙄

MaxSez: ADIS Should be "“ATIS” (Automated Terminal Information System) Brain Fart/TypeO. Note; “Stupid” is as stupid does @IceBlue?, just poor edit appreciate the mutual support! Regret error Fledglings, see the Topic “Where’s ATIS”.
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See urban dictionary for 'diss’

No disrespect intended in your direction :)

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