MaxFledglingFact: The Expert Server; Grade 3, The "Ghost" and the Wizard of Oz!

MaxSez: It’s gotta be said; For years I continue to read admonitions here about the Expert Server and it’s Controllers. I read horror story’s and warnings about it here every day. Beware the Expect Controller he lays in wait to “Ghost” you if you don’t toe the line. Or the Gripe “The Expert Controller did me wrong” which translates to "Pilot Error, such Hog Wash! IF Expert Controllers are not Wizards of Oz, they don’t see all, or know all, they are however formally trained and tested by Experts in the IF ATC System. So Pilots stop whining and bad mouthing ExATC on the public pages, follow procedure, send a PM + screen shot of the Ghosting situation as “you” see it, when nailed. Address your interrogatory to the Wizard wannabe involved if you get the gun and await a response. Don’t like the answer, tell it to the “man” by PM, not the community, we’re tired of the moaning and groaning!

Never forget Fledgling; TS- 1 is a training ground! Got it! Fagetaboutit, no public gripes desired, we heard it all before.

Qualification for and Use of the Expert Server should be the goal of all aspirating IF Aviator without fear or favor, it a personal achievement! Don’t venture forth at any level without completing the learning cycle. Keep in mind XP & Hours are not indicators of ability or knowledge, your personal skill as observed are. Do your book work, the Archives & Google are your friend. When you reach Grade 3 you must be mentally and technically prepared to enter another world, real “Controlled” Airspace, free from distraction caused by Fledgling Pilots & quasi-wannabe Controller no nothing’s on TS-1. A world where maturity and aviation procedures are like muscle memory, rote knowledge thats expected and enforced, no excuses. One where Pilots are the Decision Makers but, Safety of Flight is paramount and the Expert Controller like the hi-way patrol, calls the shots. Man Up!. Just Sayin…


Well said Max. This has to be put out there…


Great topic! This should be pinned:-)


Keep it to a PM like said before. Just because you want to get your violation removed there’s no need to have a whole topic about it.

Situational awareness is the key, take a screenshot of your controller before leaving, and maybe the log so you can always validate your point.


Are you saying that the expert server has a bad reputation or are you explaining how to properly play on it? Just wondering thanks:)

He is just explaining how the IFATC are trained, and when ghosted it is for a reason. In no means bad mouthing controllers, or expert. Could you imagine what it would be like if you got those ts1 controllers on expert? Needed and well written topic Max!


I also think that there should be some type of mandatory course on following atc instructions before going on expert it would help those who have trouble. With it or like a guided course if that’s out there needs to be some post about it that’s my thinking on this. Max I think this post is a great start.

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@Ironman_Ballets… MaxSez: A mandatory test for both Grade 3 advancement to the Expert Server and access to the TS-1 Controller Module has been recommended repeatedly. Apparently FDS is satisfied with the status quo.
Don’t believe we’ll every see any action in this area. It take time, effort and a willing training group like IFATC or a Chief Pilot to put it in place. The lack of action in this area for years tells the tail!

Here’s a quote that I use so often: “Just because you can fly on the Expert Server doesn’t mean you should.”

I said that a while ago but whatever


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