MaxFledglingFact: “Phases of Flight”; Do you know them & Your Procedure Requirements as a Pilot in Command (PIC)

MaxSez: Before you kick the tire, lite the fire & strap in, run the checklists in your pea brain! “Consider each Phase Requirements” in there order before you taxi.

Remember any Landing you walk away from is a “Good Landing of Record” on IF and the RW.

Regards All (Peanuts to!) MaxSends


Also do a brief before push back, so you have a main idea how the flight going to look like :D

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Adding on to Thomas’ point, this is the way I do my briefings.

Captain Joe actually did a video on this yesterday.

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MaxSez: The Brief of course is a given in the “sterile cockpit” era. Until the “Team” concept is introduced in IF do the Brief in your minds eye as suggested. LOL

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Don’t forget the controller non transmission critical phases of flight according to the Navy 80T-114

During these phases pilots need complete focus on controlling their aircraft and should not be unnecessarily disturbed except for safety of flight.

@VVBA6… MaxSez When all else fails refer to “NATOPS”! The Flyin Squid’s Bible.
Semper Fi, Max

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