MaxFledglingFacks: Aborted Take Off; When?

GMaxSez: In IF you “Kick the Tire, Light the Fire and the first one to take off is the Leader. We see that every day on all IF servers. Truth is, most competent IF Pilots are skilled technicians and scholars. I call them IF Aviators. I apply that term to RW Old Pilots casuse all the Bold Pilots I’ve know are dead! Wanna be an Old IF or RW Aviator. Study and practice the fundamentals on every Sortie. Remember a Sortie starts at pre-Flight with a walk around and checklist for sure. Then proceeds to the Threshold where the following boldmethod tips takes over. Remember and apply those tips that apply to IF and store the others away you may need them some day;

(Note: The Tips apply to recipes/turbines and big stinking airliners too… Beside Touch & Go Landing Practice also Practice V1+ Aborts at a remote field. It’s a good thing)


One thing I will have to say doesn’t require an aborted take off.

  1. Doors Unlatch Or Open
    An unlatched door on takeoff can cause serious problems in the air. If you hear a door pop open on takeoff, abort the takeoff.

You can continue flying if your door opens. I’ve had this several times, once in a C150 and a GA8, same as a helicopter pilot you can still continue on if your door opens in mid flight.

NOW if it was a commercial jet then I would understand that.


#9. Loss of Fuel Pressure

I aborted my takeoff this morning actually. On takeoff roll, fuel pressure completely bottomed out. Made for a quick taxi back to the line. It was a waste of a 3am wakeup, but as they say: “Its better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than in the air wishing you were on the ground.”


@anon93248082. MaxSez:

I’d never admit I committed a Pilot Error and launched with an open hatch in an aero plane Mark. Now a “Shuttering Shite House” is different, I got a lotta hours hanging on a strap out the open hatch of a 1N, 46 & 53, M-60 In Hand back in the day. Helo’s are different strokes fir different folks, LOL.

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No pilot error. ;)
Nothing wrong a door popping open, sometimes the latches fail to secure which happens a lot. There are even feds who will open doors in critical phases of flight see how you react.
Have a friend in Africa when he was converting his certificates to that country standard they did that to him. He carried on and flew the aircraft.

Flying doors off with helicopters and aircraft aren’t really much difference, besides you gotta be careful when you stand up on the side of the helicopter since we have really fast shinny things!


@anon93248082. MaxSez: Glad your not a company SafetyO or IP in a fixed wing operation. and a just a PR staffer Née rotor head. LoL, You Sound just like those “Bold Pilots” cited in the Topic. Appears your well suited for yr presant slot ya got the BS down pat. Keep your head down and your hard hat on near flight line. Cheers and G’nite Ollie

We are a fix wing operation also. The Feds recently did that on a check ride so it’s very normal, as the Feds say “Keep flying the airplane” Which is #1 in any event.
I highly recommend picking up the book “Fatal Traps for Helicopter pilots” There’s a great story about a Huey going down and the pilot at the time made a very valid point “Keep flying the machine all the way to the ground until it stops”

Thankfully I am not a Bold Pilots lol. Just know my training, a “Bold Pilot” is the type of pilot who would do dangerous stunts outside of the envelope!
Helicopters cost to much so I don’t have that kind of money to damage one and wreck it lol

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@anon93248082. MaxSez: Real fun pulling your Chain Mark. Save the flyin lesson and the tail about the Fed check Pilot who should have been reported and sacked, what a disgusting example, it’s like talking with your hand at the bar. I’m checking out, till next time Warm Regards

I have personally seen similar things such as opening a door on a checkride. It’s to see how you react based on your training.

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Nice info Max. Good to see you back in action!


Interesting and informative information! Had many doors pop on on flights with instructors doing it on purpose, my DPE did it too me and than the door. Wasn’t securely fastened and opened up on the Pax side in the 172 when was talking a friend of mine and her younger sister flying. No big deals at all

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@N1DG. MaxSez: No matter how you cut it an open hatch is a safety of flight issue. It’s an indication of poor preflight prep and inattention to the preflight check list if it’s inadvertent. The whacky IP examples are not professional, fortunately they where not in a pressurized environment. If some one popped a hatch on me I’d visit the FSS and put the finger on the idiot. Recognized stuff happens by chance. Hopefully the open hatch examples cited are anomalies. Flight is not for flat hatters.
Regards, Aviator

I’m sorry but that’s pure ignorance. I’m not sure if you actually fly or not but the feds are pretty smart at their job and not flying the aircraft out envelope. The R22/R44 POH States I can dispatch a flight with doors off. Can you provide a POH that says the doors that open in flight requires an emergency landing.

FSS as in Flight Service? They probably will laugh and say go to the FSDO. I just talked with a pal of mine who is FAAST I asked him what if you reported a DPE for opening a door during take off. He said they (The FAA) would laugh and make nothing of it.

Not necessarily a poor manner in preflight preparation. Sometimes the doors can be hard to close or don’t latch properly on the GA planes. It’s no way a saftet hazard of flight. I’ve closed a door in midair, had one open on short final, just something that happens.


@N1DG… MaxSez: As I said stuff happens. I see Rotor Head @anon93248082 agrees with your assessment. Still a Safety, Check List and a poor maintenance issue to me. I’d be hesitant allowing you in my right/left seat with you guys mind set. Appears just based on this thread your both “Bold”
Pilots. Time will tell. It’s been real and fun but not real fun exchanging airmanship mind sets with you guy. My last comment on this thread.
@schyllberg. Pls close this thread it’s served it’s pupose, Thanks & Regards.

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