MaxFledgingFacts: Always File a Flight Plan


MaxSez: File a Flight Plan! It’s a rule of the road if your flying commercial OR any iron!
(Don’t attempt to argue the GA reg with me, Only a fool leave home training field unfiled in today’s crowed skies.) Even if your just a truck driver, a long haul international destination Trash Hauler , your plan should always include the start ICAO and Destination ICAO. Grade 1/2 don’t know how to file, read the dammmma Tutorial and comply. G’day All

(The Training Server is the biggest violator of this IATA/FAA Rule. The expert is hitting 85% compliance. If I had my way no flight plan no expert access.)


Not only is it important to file a flight plan in a whole, but as you said, include the arrival and destination airports. I cannot tell you how many times I’m on expert and I see someone with a flight plan that starts an ends with a regular waypoint.

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but… what if I don’t want to file an endpoint? Sometimes things end in mysterious ways, just like my aircraft disappears when I try to drive across the Atlantic on casual in a 747.

So are you suggesting that In real life even little expiermentals and piper cubs should still file a FPL? Because when I fly my friends cub I don’t have a FPL just make sure I know where his field is? Are you still suggesting that they have a FPL?

What if you’re flying VFR? I’ve done that several times in RL and no one ever got mad :) except the time someone turned out on a 330 radial from the airport we both took off from, knowing full well that my FI and I were doing emergency patternwork over a farm field 8 mi NW… looked and looked until my FI said, “where the _ is this guy!?!”

Someone was watching over us that day.


@bobo2345. MaxSez:

Sounds like your talking a local hop inside uncontrolled airspace. Typical Sports Pilot response! G’day

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@C150_driver. MaxSez: Local Flight out of Controlled Airspace over farmland!
Your myopic, Sports, Airpland Owners Assn mindset, Just because the FAR does not require GA to file don’t mean not to. If I leave my home field I file, common sence, I want a squawk if available in the System. I want them to know my route so the can find my body quick! Regards

(you must not fly in a large metro. Farm filds, LLOL

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