MaxFledgingFact: ACARS Report for Every Flight (Free App)

MaxSez: Been using John Goering’s Augmentation IF App’s for years. His “Assistant” (Co-Pilot) App is a constant companion on ever Flt. It’s warnings solved my continual “Overspeed” Violations caused by inattention/distraction/coffee breaks.

Just discover John’s most recent App “In Flight Operations”, a freebie which I now use and file for reference/training. (An ACARS (Aircraft Comm Addressing & Reporting System) is an in-flight Data Link.) The “Operations” App generates an ACARS style, by flight, detailed parameters Rpt by Sortie as depicted below. It’s Free give it a shoot! GA all the Way, Max Sends


Thanks for this, Max!

So glad you have found it to be useful. Makes my day.

(And yes, before people ask, an Android version is still the plan at this point)


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