MaxFleadlingFacts: PrePlanning Currant Wx/TFR + App "MyRadar"

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MaxSez: Let me suggest this great US Weather (Wx) & Flight Restriction (TFR) App which displays real time Data easily interpreted at the touch, It’s IF Pilots friendly. The Map expands and contracts and scales for defined location precision. An Aviation Chart Form with Airports is an add on among many. Each symbol displayed generates a data block which provided pertinent information. For example; The Wash,DC Temporary Flight Restriction (Red Circle) when yTapped drops down the full text of the currant NOTAM, Weather Symbology has the same drop down feature to, they gives you detailed areas of convective regions, obscured mountains, winds aloft etc. This App is my go-to for US IF Preflight Planning and Region Selection. Information is power in the pre-flight planning process. Add this to your IF Flight Go-Bag, "You’ll never leave Home without it!


Is it free? Know it’s not a productive question but I have strict budgets

Very interesting app

There is a free version for iOS.

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@Insertusernamehere. Not sure of the cost, since I’ve download it the App Store does not show a price just downloaded. The Pro version is $1.99, I suspect the Regular version had a minimal or no cost when I downloaded it years ago.


I believe it’s free, I have it for while and it’s awesome app. However, you have to pay for the additional features. I use it sometimes to find strong winds for me to fly in on IF.

I have wind enabled along with earthquake and dropper radar. You have to pay for more detailed weather report and hurricane forecast.


Disregard. You think I would’ve looked in the title.

The app is MyRadar. 20 characters

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