MaxFirsts: IF Polar Conquest (Almost) N/S Pole Go! I

MaxSez: Wanted to be first IF’er to repost a successful navigation of both Polar Regions. With a little extrapolation the North Pole fly over is possible, The South Pole is a real BBreaker, I was unsuccessful, never reached South Pole Base (NZSP) from MaxMurdo Sound (NZIR)!

Caution there are no Fix/Waypoints in either Region and the Nav System tend to balk, stutter, and stall in both. Was watching the Compass closely, no declination anomaly to my surprise in either Region. Checked Wx, Sun Rise/Set and expected Full sun and clear skies, got them in the South only. In the North, Alert and the complete Polar continent where darker than a well diggers butt when I arrived and for the duration, , under the hood for the full flight in & out. The South around McMurdo Sound (NZIR, the Ice Rway, the hard top, would not respond). MaxMurdo is the US all year Polar Station and was in full Sun & light breezes into a reflective white patina as far a you could see, as previously noted 0 Landmarks or Fixes. My destination was SPole Station (NZSP). No Joy, Not sure if there is a field there or not. There are numerous airfield (International in nature) on this continent but you can’t get there from MacMurdo with its all year RWay plot. The System anomalies noted in the North are more prevalent in the South. I tried every trick. Give it a try if you have time on your hands, Id be interested on how you broke the Code.

NPole… Via the Marine 130 I ventured out from “Alert” Canada (CYLT), an old NORAD Radar Station still maintained by the RCAF. Intending to transit. Transiting the N. Polar Continent Direct to Siberia. I selected “Tiksi”, Russia(VEST), a Former Soviet era Long Range Aviation Bear Base converted to a Class B Field as my destination. It’s the most direct route to sparse Siberia from N. America. Out bound from ALERT, I expected a full transit in the dark, about 80 miles from the pole I experienced repeated system anomalies and shut down the AP. Hand Flying, I circled the NPole and did a reciprocal back to Alert. Success! “See Screen Shots, 1. Marine 6 at the NPole. 2. NPole Route. 3/4. SPole, MacMurdo Views (IF First, Max reported first to the Top of the IF World, LOL!!!)


Sounds like you had fun 😂


How long is the flight?!?

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@Balloonchaser… MaxSez: Alert to the N Pole, About 1400mi Out and back . Canada/Siberia 1700 +/-. Direct.
Over the NPole Aircraft Slows takes forever doing a 360 @ 250 Calibrated. SpPole, System kept me at Maxmurdo, couldnot proceed to Polar Base no matter what I tryed. (C-130 has long legs, particularly if you feather 2 in cruise.)


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Very nice.
I had a search for NZSP as well and never found it. Perhaps this is because the surface is listed as ‘ice’ and you just don’t see it.
And I didn’t manage to spawn from there. Somehow IF wouldn’t let me.

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