MaxFavorites: Tri-Plane “Trash Haulers”, Future Feature! (US Ford TP EAA Tourist Trips schedule Incl,)

MaxSez: There are 3 Vintage Tri-Motor Legendary Aircraft Features in the Closed 2018 Archives. They are similar in design and a few are still flying today. I’d like One (1) of them reconsidered and entered into the IF Inventory by popular demand of those who dare!

There configuration, characteristics and performing are similar. There performance data is available in the Archive when searched by Type.

These roaring 20’s models are among the first “Trash Haulers” in both commercial and military serves, they are; The US “Ford-5AT”, the Dutch “Fokker FV11 and the German “Junker JU-52.”

(I prefer the Junker JU-52 because of its Long Service Life, Ruggedness & it’s appearance on every front in Europe during World War II.
(The Film, “Where Eagles Dare”, shows it off in the opening scene’s.)

What your choice, no vote on this one, just your pleasure (comment) or ♥️ will rule the day. A Votable Feature will soon follow! (Sorry only 1 photo Permitted)

(Photo, Public Domaine; The Amazing “Auntie Ju”, the Lufthansa Mascot , The Luffwaffe Call her “Iron Anne”!)

(For those that Dare! EAA Offers Ford 5AT flights in 2020:
July 20 - July 26, 2020 | Oshkosh, WI. Details; Experimental Aircraft Association ($70)|
August 13 - August 16, 2020 | Sparta, MI
August 20 - August 23, 2020 | Jackson, MI
|September 03 - September 06, 2020 | Xenia, Oh
The July Tour is at “Air Venture” the Greatest Air Show on Earth!|


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Looks like you can find me here.


We do need the early days of commercial aviation represented on Infinite Flight, what we could do with these original trash haulers are endless in terms of events, FNFs, fly-ins, memorial flights etc! And just the significance alone would be an exciting factor to include in Infinite Flight. This would be a big step in gaining recognition for where it all started.

Can we hear any more stories regarding your experience with the tri-plane Max? Would be wonderful to hear.


Interesting read, the JU-52 sure is an astounding plane. In fact, I was lucky enough to get a shot of it at the aviation museum of Belgrade this winter! (Very foggy) Yugoslav Air Force. Its unfortunate that it hasn’t been renovated or anything like that. It been just sittin’ there collecting dust for more then 10 years.


Why would they do such a thing to an aviation history icon? A museum should take up the project of restoring it like it deserves, and ensure its upkeep. Quite a sad state especially compared to the well-kept Lufthansa. There’s so much value in keeping them in flying condition, so hopefully that’s what happens before it becomes unrepairable and even more neglected.


Unfortunately, the Serbian government isn’t very wealthy, and there isn’t much attraction to the museum. The museum itself was a genial build, however there isn’t much action and not profitable to renovate. Real shame though, because there are some historic aircraft there. They’re renovating the famous Caravelle though, and I’m so excited to see that.


You might see me there too.


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