MaxFavorites: The Magnificent Flying Machine by FORD (Video)

FORD Trimotor

MaxSez: Recently I generated a poll to revive the archived Topics recommending the Classic TriMotor Aircraft for inclusion in the Feature Category. The Ford, Junker and Fokker Trimoters, known as the first mass produced luxury airliners, introduced in the 20’s, redefined world air travel and marked the beginning of commercial flight. The Ford Trimotor was the first choice by acclamation of the poll for reintroduction.

Following find it’s reintroduction as a revised feature as coordinated with the Moderator Group. The Ford Trimotor is a Pilots Aircraft. You fly it “By Wire”, Cables and Pulleys, a real flying machine that responds to the “Human” Touch, not a flaw-able machine. Seat of the Pants and Eye Ball Nav. It’s a “Tin Goose”, are you up to the challenge to master this aeroplane?

Adding the Ford to the Inventory adds diversity to the IF Fleet. An Excellent low Slow Observation/Photo/Versatel Platform, this crafts inclusion would provide a true flight experience not available anywhere else.

(For those interested; The Ford Trimotor 4-AT-E is a show stopper at EAA Air Venture, Oshkosh annually, rides are offered at a price. Proceeds go to the Experimental Aircraft Assoc. Restiration Project)


General characteristics:

Crew: 3 (pilot, co-pilot, flight attendant)
Capacity: 11 passengers
Length: 49 ft 10 in (15.2 m)
Wingspan: 74 ft 0 in (22.6 m)
Height: 11 ft 9 in (3.6 m)
Wing area: 461 sq ft (12.9 m²)
Empty weight: 6,500 lb (2,950 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 10,130 lb (4,595 kg)
Powerplant: 3 × Wright J-6-9 Whirlwind 9-cylinder radial engines, 300 hp (224 kW) each

Maximum speed: 132 mph (213 km/h, 115 kn)
Cruise speed: 107 mph (172 km/h, 93 kn)
Stall speed: 57 mph (92 km/h, 50 kn)
Range: 570 mi (918 km, 495 nmi)
Service ceiling: 18,600 ft (5,670 m)
Rate of climb: 920 ft/min (4.67 m/s)
Wing loading: 22.0 lb/(sq ft) (kg/m²)
Power/mass: lb/hp (kg/kW)
(Source:Wiki+, Photo: Public Domaine)

Historic Prospective, Models, Airline /Country’s Served, Military Service, Still Flying.
See: Wikipedi; Ford Trimotor”

Regards All

Interesting aircraft request. I saw the poll, clearly won by a landslide, but I do think that there are other aircraft that should be added first. Definitely a nice to have though.


I was watching a video that referenced this very aircraft just a few minutes ago! This coincidence aside, a very detailed and informative feature request, and the machine it’s about is truly wonderful! You have my vote, and I probably have to go and remove another one from some other topic but it’s worth it 😂

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A lot of effort @Maxmustang
Great to read! The stall speed is quite impressive in relation to it’s weight.

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Really detailed feature request, I voted. There is actually one of these based at a nearby airport (Anoka County Blaine for those interested) Ford-1077
Really great to see it fly and those engine sounds are unbeatable!

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The aircraft looks cool! Relatively old but has great features! (It’s stall speed)

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MaxSez: So Far so good. Appreciate the kudo for the time and effort, deserved of not. The issue at hand is a parked Ford in the IF Garage.
Save the kind work for when the Ford is in an IF parking spot or in the hands of an IF aviator. Only Votes count here and I personally appreciate everyone tallied. Warm Regards All and G’nite. Let see what the morrow brings.

(10 Hours on display and 3 Votes, not a very warm and fuzzy at this late hour! Hopping for an over nite resuscitation)


To be right back honest, I think all the aircraft we already have that should be reworked done before we add anymore aircraft.