MaxFavorites: C-40A/B/C "Clipper"


MaxSez: Uncle Sam liked the B-737-700 so much it purchased a logistic fleet of them designated C-40 “Clippers”. (C-40 A/B & C Models). They where factory reconfigured to military spec. as;

A" models, Factory Pax models, “B” models, Naval Service and “C” models Air Force Service.

The C-40A Off the Shelf Commercial.

The C-40B is certified to operate in an all-passenger (121 passengers), all-cargo or combination (“combi”) configuration that can accommodate up to three cargo pallets and 70 passengers on the main deck.

The C-40C,is certified as an “office in the sky” for senior military and government leaders. The aircraft features two-way broadband data communications, including secure voice and data communication; elements include internet and network access, telephones, satellites, facsimile and copy machines it also has a computer-based passenger data system.

General characteristics
Crew: 6 (two pilots, one crew chief, one loadmaster and two second loadmasters)[note 1])
Passenger configuration: 121 passengers
Cargo configuration: 8 pallets of cargo
Combination configuration: 3 pallets of cargo, 70 passengers.
Payload: 40,000 lb (18,000 kg)
Length: 110 ft 4 in (33.63 m)
Wingspan: 112 ft 7 in (34.32 m)
Height: 41 ft 2 in (12.55 m)
Empty weight: 126,000 lb (57,150 kg)
Loaded weight: 134,000 lb (61,000 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 171,000 lb (78,000 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × CFM International CFM56-7B turbofans, 27,300 lbf (121 kN) each
Maximum speed: 534 knots (615 mph, 990 km/h)
Range: 3,000 nm (3,500 mi, 5,600 km)
Service ceiling: 41,000 ft (12,500 m)
Thrust/weight: 0.407
^ only one second loadmaster required when carrying under 100 passengers. no second loadmasters are required when carrying only cargo.
(Source: WIKI, Photo: Public Domaine)
NOTE: Suggest currant B-737-700 be converted to the “B” model with functioning Cargo Door and a new USN facelift per @Damian good catch comment or correct inventory Type listing to "C-40C)

We have have the USAF C-40C, its just classified under the 737-700 BBJ category.

It would be cool to have the other variants, maybe one with a functioning cargo door?


Love it. Part of FLSW, the reserves fly this plane let’s get a VR-58 paint like this one.

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