MaxFavAerodrome: CA Hi-Desert Best Proficiency Fields

VMaxSez: I believe practice makes “Perfect”! I’ve flown the IF Globe to including the trans-Polars/Oceanics, the long, the short and the tall, the ABC to include the highest , longest, shortest and the record book
hardest. Of them all I find the best practice fields for new model familiarization & hands on skill improvement in any craft in the IF inventory are located in the US in the SCal “High Desert” arena. To me that region is the Jewel in the IF Crown. Fair WX, light winds, mountain passes, big Lake (Salton Sea/Bear Lake) perfect for aerobatics and an ABC collection of aerodome that even Jack the dull boy can let it all hang out on… Here’s my choice picks amoung about a score…

KPSP (Palm Springs). Once a Key Multi-Rwy transit point for Trash Haulers pre-Glodal. This Class B needs some Training Server ATC love periodically. An exceptional Pattern/T&G off circuit practice field worth a look for proficiencies and XP building.
KUDD (Burmuda Dune). My regular GA familiarization & T&G go to.
Just a short hop South of the Palms.
KTRM (Jackie Cochran) A Palm Springs alternate, a Big X,B, great short final and jump off for the Salten Sea (big lake, non- violation aerobatic airspace within it boundaries) Great for 172’s, XCubs, TBM’s ect.
KNXP (Twenty-nine Palms). An 8000’ marked rway with an unmarked Auxiliary 3000’ black top. This is a USMC facility for its aviation elements. Set in a bombing range and ground maneuver area, Military aircraft of all types welcome but best of all C-130 Assault Landing Practice or Carrier Deck practices for the Fast Movers on the Black Top.
Try them you’ll be glad you did… Just Sayin…
G’day, Max


Don’t forget about KTNP. Good airport for touch and go’s.


Oh how I’ve missed these in my life 😍


I do not see KTBM. Are you sure it’s the right airport?

Edit: it’s KTRM, you got a typo.

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