MaxFactsVideo: B-52H's to Anderson See the US Strat Bomber Line up on Guam.

MaxSez: The Buff is almost as old as me and it’s just as Lethal! LOL
Buff’s, B-1, B-2, Extenders, Lifters passing in review …Watch the line up on the tarmac. Hell of a strategic show of force. It’s been a long time.


Thats a beautiful line up in the beginning! Very nice to see these military planes, and it’s a change over the usual commercial. Nice find!

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This brings back so many memories Max, I love it. Earliest things I rember where on the Andersen flight line, especially with the Buff. Seeing this brings me pure joy. Keep sharing Max, I, and certainly several others, love this.


Probably running on continuous loop beamed at DPRK.

MaxSez: The Sound you here in the background is the sound of Freedom!

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Born on Guam but never got too see these fly as I was too young. Thanks for sharing!

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